If ordering more than 10 single strings, consider the option of ordering a complete set of bass strings. The cost per string can be as low as $8.15 vs. $25.00-$40.00.
If ordering individual strings, the cost per string is $25.00 ($40.00 min order)

The form below will accomodate ordering up to 10 individual replacement strings.

Click this Help?Box> for information to prevent filling out this form only to have it accidentally vaporize before submitting. ARGH!!! And there's a short video overview.

The green box below provides an option for printing the instructions and order forms. This printed hardcopy is for recording information while at the piano when a broken or missing string is discovered. These forms are useful for transferring measurements and specifications to this electronic form. The hardcopy provides backup. CLICK HERE for hardcopy printout
Shipping options

To continue you must tell us the total number of strings being ordered?